Saturday, June 27, 2015

CHS - a "Terminal Case!"

What a great way to start a vacation trip!

Traveling? Try to exit or return though the CHS International airport's expanded Terminal B.

Wow. So very 21st Century.

Lots and lots of convenient plug-ins for electronic devices.

Seating of various heights. Comfy chairs and - of course - free Wi-Fi.

Not a bad place for waiting. It's a longer walk to baggage claim but so worth it!

I am retired, like to travel and keep  my eyes open to different things all around me.

Like the young girl and her dolly sitting across the aisle.

It jarred me at first because I thought it was a real baby, propped up on the pull-down tray.

I know that seat backs and trays have to be in the upright and locked position for take-offs and landing.

You hear that a lot during the safety spiel but there never is a mention of what to do with a baby and it's bottle.

There's not even a seat belt where you insert the metal end into the other metal buckle.

I did see a new sign on the overhead display.

The usual pictograph of a cigarette with a slash through it and the informative graphic that clearly solves the dilemma of the two parts of a seat belt.

This flight to New York has added a Wi-Fi signal.

Not only can you now leave on those ubiquitous electronic devices, the airlines apparently have mastered how to provide the missing link to make them work in the air.

One major stop during my Big Apple visit was to go to the 101th floor of the newly-opened One World Observatory.

I carefully managed to zip up there late in the day for the "golden hour" lighting and then stuck around to use my camera as twilight signaled the city starting to light up.

I kept my eye on a view of New Jersey as the sun was going down. The clouds were fantastic.

Oh, earlier in the day, next to the two ponds/waterfalls that mark the twin towers footprints, I saw a bird-like structure.

That was not there last year when I visited the site.

A policeman said it was a new transportation center still under construction.

It sits next to the 9-11 memorial museum.

I though of a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

I will have more posts about this trip but I'm still unpacking and need to catch up on my sleep. The cat also has let me know she was lonely while I was gone.

A friend sent me a cartoon that sums up our cat/master relationship. (Credit to Whyott.)
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At Mon Jun 29, 04:37:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots of the city.


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