Thursday, June 04, 2015

Not shy, but very retiring....

A good buddy of mine retired yesterday from The Post and Courier newspaper and I headed downtown to The Alley to enjoy his long-awaited "Freedom" moment.

In fact, Leon shared with me that with all the uncertainty in the newspaper business,  he had devised a plan to avoid being cut loose early.

Back in 2011, he went to management and announced his intention was to retire in four years.

There were layoffs and buyouts all around him, but Leon felt secure because he had an announced departure date on record. Looks like it worked.

After Leon and Jane left, and his former fellow employees had departed, I wandered over to the lanes where the actual bowling was being done.

My eye caught a young lady - with perfect form - approach the line, release the ball from her right hand and a few seconds later, pins scattered all over. A perfect strike!

What had grabbed my attention though, was during all this, Andrea Hellinhhausen's left hand held her cellphone pressed firmly against her ear.

Later that evening, I was at Fratello's on East Montague, digging into a delicious chicken piccata and sipping a cold beer.

There were clouds about and scattered showers were predicted, but this dining outside experience went well. Not a drop of rain.

Just around the corner was The Sparrow,  a favorite place I go to for good music and unusual acts.

This is where I saw a man have patrons staple money to his body. Well, I guess you had to be there. Right Marty?

Tonight was Herbie D and The Dangermen.

An excellent foursome, tight and well-versed in a swampy blend of Appalachian acoustic Blues and New Orleans-style Jump Blues.

Their site says this is music taken from the hills to the juke joints.

I believe that!

They deserved a larger crowd but a Tuesday night is what it is. I hope they'll come and play Charleston again.

I suggested they get in touch with the booker at the Pour House, the Tin Roof and Home Team BBQ.

I sent them this shot and Herbie very graciously thanked me.

(Not the one with the crisp, sharp beer glass and the band fuzzy in the background. That's  just "artsy.")

And then he posted it on their Facebook page.

With a nice credit and a link to this blog.

Wish more groups would do that. Very professional, Herbie!

Have had several "Trifectas" so far during this year's Spoleto.

That's when there are three music or comedy night events in a row. Get home late, maybe post something and then sleep till the break of noon the next morning.

As my buddy Leon will now discover: go to bed when you're tired and get up when you aren't.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

Did I mention W-O-R-K is a 4-letter word. LOL.

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