Saturday, May 30, 2015

Making some Spoleto moves.....

This was only my second time at the Woolfe Street Playhouse.

This venue brings just the right touch as Upper King Street continues to expand, surprise and please.

Walking toward the front door beneath the marquee, I saw on my left a HUGE 6-story parking garage under construction.

I assume it is for the twin Hyatts shaping up in the burgeoning neighborhood.

An enterprising food truck was parked across from the theater, and complimentary valet parking was doing an active job on this balmy evening.

I saw that a balcony (28 seats) had been built since my first visit to the venue.

This particular show benefitted from having a seat looking down at the dancer's feet on the small stage in the far corner.

The room was set up cabaret style with 4 seats around tables, a (fake but effective) candle flickering in the numbered lamp shades.

Words I didn't ever expect to hear came from Nigel Redding, Spoleto Director, when he welcomed the packed house.

"Please feel free to take all the photos you want, " Nigel said. Yikes!

Man,  I have longed to hear that sentiment, especially at a Spoleto event.

He went to to add "Share your photos with your friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

"Help spread the word. There are four more performances of this delightful blend of music and movement."

The 1,700 sq ft room is just the right size. I was seated in Row Z, along the back wall, but there was an elevated ledge, so the sightlines were terrific. 

I did wander upstairs to check that angle. Excellent.

In chit-chat, the two artists expressed their delight in working onstage with another person.

Both drawing from each other's energy and interpretation of the music.

Later, Miss Bathgate demonstrated the advances that technology now can provide. 

She was able to mix her playing with recorded sounds by others - even with a full orchestra - with dramatic passages.

Indeed an evening of moving with the music.

From there, I headed back to North Charleston for music of a different sort in the smoke-filled The Mill venue  near Park Circle. 

My lungs caught a break from the usual thick cloud of cigarette smoke when I found the performer had cancelled at the last minute. 

Whew, close one. Cough. Cough.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

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