Monday, May 25, 2015

Music Nights...back-to-back.

Had not been to the Windjammer on Isle of Palms in a few years.

In fact, the last time might have been for a Cracker show.

Room looked the same but the lighting had REALLY been improved.

If blinking lights and flashing, dashing lasers make you dizzy, try to find a seat because otherwise, you'll fall down.
In fact, I saw at least two people slam to the floor. But I think it was a beer fall.

I was standing, leaning back on one of the two pillars so I had some space - and support - in the packed room.

Oh yeah, that's NOT Bono up on the stage in the shades.  A very U2 look.

It's Singer/songwriter David Lowery in the crusty straw hat and lead guitar Johnny Hickman behind him.

The flashing lights are great for the audience and showmanship.

But, I had to pick my moments to have light that was camera-friendly on the band member I was tracking.

I got lucky a few times.

If you have never been to the 'Jammer, it's up a flight of stairs and has a deck out back.

Step outside and you're overlooking the beach and a steady cooling breeze comes wafting off the Atlantic.

On a hot summer night, you really appreciate taking a break out back.

The music was loud, had a nice beat and you could dance to it.

People sang along and heads were bobbing to the steady bass line and drums.

It was a nice Saturday night at the beach.

The next night I was in a very delightful haunt that I visit often - The Pour House - for a rocking night with the Lee Boys.

I have seen them here several times before and really appreciate the excellent sound engineering.

It's immediately apparent this sacred steel music is NOT sittin' and listenin' sounds.

The band is family - three brothers and three nephews .

They present a joyous mix that started out as inspired, unique Gospel music with a hard-driving,Blues-based beat.

The crowd grew and people were dancing, hopping up and down and shouting, laughing, singing and clapping.

Obviously this band likes to make people feel good!

Doing research on the Lee Boys, I read - and really believe - it's Gospel music infused with rhythm & Blues, jazz, rock, funk, hip-hop, country and even influences from other nations.

It's possible there were other cameras there but it looked like everybody was holding up a phone cam for either stills or shaky video.

Hint: don't rock your camera along with the music. Makes for some awful playback. Keep it steady.

Changes made in the PoHo surroundings has opened up about 25% more floor space.

Bands playing music like this encourage people to break loose and dance around a lot.

The two nephews doing the singing and rhythm hand-clapping kept the activity level very, very high.

Obviously the Lee Boys have a Charleston following and the crowd showed its appreciation for the full 2-hour set.

I also have seen fantastic  prowess on the pedal steel guitar by  Robert Randolph and the Family Band.

And some great timing here, RR and the Family Band are scheduled for the Windjammer on Monday, June 8.

I have seen and enjoyed his music many, many times in Charleston as well as Atlanta and Washington, D.C.

Get yourself a second helping of pedal steel sounds just two weeks from now.

(Click on the photos for more details)

I try to add links to expand coverage of bands appearing here. I enjoy - and support - live music.

Even Opera last week. Yikes.

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