Friday, June 05, 2015

Taylor Mac and precious tiny tapas....

Taylor Mac has a lot to say.

And reform programs he wants to see moving forward.

The Woolfe Street Playhouse was his venue and he was all dressed up to sing - and tell - his story.

"Songs Of The American Right" uses music from the past 24 decades to take right-wing conservative songs and spin out a different meaning.

He said this is a sample of a 24-hour event he has planned where he will be onstage for the full time..even with bathroom breaks.

"I'll pee while standing behind a waist-high curtain, and keep singing," he laughed.

This was an evening of audience participation to a high degree.

Two men were asked to come up on stage and embrace as same sex dance partners.

Naturally, then the audience was told to turn to the person of the same sex next to them and hug them close.

We did just that and a slow dance tune was played, the lights dimmed and we swayed back and forth. It was quite a new experience moment for many of us.

Taylor Mac prefers to use the pronoun "judy" instead of him or her and removed the elaborate headset as the show progressed.

A scroll with words from Merle Haggard's "Okie From Muskogee" was unfurled by two young men brought up from the audience.

A scantily-clad stripper was used to help us sing along by "following the bouncing boobs."

The serious-but-amusing conclusion involved Sin, the Garden of Eden and Apples.

Baskets of apples were distributed and we all crunched a bite in unison as "judy" said the real culprit back then actually was the tree!

Before the show, I was hungry and enjoy looking around at all the new places opening on upper King Street.

A few days before I had stopped and looked inside and decided tonight I'd eat at the beautifully-designed Restaurant 492.

The space is functional and fascinating.

An array of seating includes a quiet table for two in high backed chairs or a community table about 40 feet long. Or the outside patio.

I chose a kitchen counter seat so I could watch the chef and staff at work. Each plate is carefully crafted and inspected several times before it is sent out to the diner.

I saw a nice fish plate for $15 on the menu. Man, that's reasonable for such a swanky place! Would go well with my beer.

I ordered the "Olive oil poached Cobia with turnips, chickpeas, and beet-brown butter."

And, that is what I got.

About 3 ounces of fish and the rest in miniscule portions.

Later I learned they encourage people to order several  dishes from the Field & Stream/ Pasta & Grain/The Sea/ The Land menu. Then you share with each other.

Didn't know this was a "small plates" place so I added the Geechee Boy Grit Loaf, cultured butter and local sea salt for $4. Hmm. many places bring you bread for free.

During the Taylor Mac show my stomach started to growl and I hoped I didn't distract others.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

Oh, and if you are trying a new restaurant, take a moment and look at comments and reviews.

Don't go away hungry after a $30 meal.

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