Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Comedy Fringe ...and a broken dream

 You know the expression "I guess you had to be there."

That pretty well sums up the Piccolo Comedy Fringe show at Theatre 99 a few night ago.

That's Stuckey on the left and Murray on the right. They are Stuckey & Murray.

The third guy was introduced as "our back-up band" as he strapped on an accordion. I'm sure his name was mentioned during the 55-minute show but I didn't jot it down.

In fact, I only know the other two because each has his name stenciled on his guitar strap.

Would it have been too hard to do that for one of the straps worn by "the band?" Obviously, he also plays kazoo. 

During the set, he broke out his saxophone so it sort of was band-like. 


But, music was only part of the show.
Special video spoofs were shown and hilarious silliness prevailed.

I sat next to a couple who said they live in Charlotte, have a place on the Isle of Palms and came down for Spoleto.

I pointed out this was a part of Piccolo and they looked confused.

Needless to say, it was their first time at Theatre 99 and they did not know improvisation was the usual fare. I hope they come again and check it out.

Meanwhile, a young man with a dream - and a vision for a food truck in Charleston  - had to face reality.

It was NOT going to happen and he was faced with having to "pull the plug" on his plans.

He got very, very close to serving delicious Dim Sum here.

I really like those dumplings!

I saw his request for funds on Kickstarter, mulled it over and decided to be a backer.

He said sponsors at my level would receive 25 entrees when the truck was bought, outfitted and cooking commenced.
 He was good about communicating progress. Or lack of progress. Even setbacks.

He had us vote on several designs and he announced he thought he had found a cook/manager who would handle the day-to-day operation.

He told his patient sponsors he would up the reward to 50 (fifty) entrees.

My mouth was watering.

From enthusiastic start to crashing finish, it lasted about a year.

I salute his perseverance and his honesty.

He promised a total refund to all of the investors and my check arrived today.

I will miss tasting 50 sample entrees.

Hope his next enterprise is successful.

He knows how to reach me.

(Click on the images and links for more details.)

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