Thursday, May 29, 2014

"G'day....All together, now!"

Another exciting and off-beat Spoleto event.

This acrobatic ensemble from Australia has obviously worked together before.

For a long time.

With extreme confidence in each other and in the team. Each was someone "you could lean on."


The event was called "A Simple Space: Gravity and other myths," held in the reconfigured Emmett Robinson Theatre at the College of Charleston.

 Usually the seats are tiered steep stadium-style but this time, some of the audience was seated onstage.

And, all around the small performing area.

Several were plucked from the audience to be part of one scene!

I was seated at the top, on the last row, so not a candidate. Whew.

The "volunteer" participants fortunately had only a passive role amid the active trained performers.

At one point though, the audience was asked to toss red, white and blue soft rubber balls onto the stage.

Extended handstands were maintained by the group as the balls rained down in the oddly-lighted stage area.

Even with long training,  arms started to quiver and the legs scissored to maintain the upright balance.

The audience continued to pelt them until the last athlete softly eased down.

The close confines of the room meant we could hear the heavy breathing as the acrobatics wore on.

A "pole lamp" in each corner shifted the lighting from full ON to carefully plotted lights from first one side then from the other. And other combos.

My camera and I, sitting up high, had to adapt as the lighting changed and a high speed shutter was never possible.

Still, I got at least one shot that I liked.

And an increased appreciation for the work that goes into body building and the meaning of team and individual excellence.

(Click on the photos for details but don't expect much more clarity. It is what it is.)

Nobody fell during the rather brief show - less than an hour - and the pace was rapid until human bodies tired.

They far exceeded the point where I would have been exhausted, flat on my back, laboring to catch my breath. Yeah, like I'd even try.

Good show!

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At Sat May 31, 07:35:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've only ever seen the original Godzilla, one viewing of which was in Finland. There's nothing like watching a Japanese movie that's dubbed in Finnish with Swedish subtitles. One has to love those B movies. How can you beat a 30-something Steve McQueen playing a "juvenile delinquent" in The Blob? (Cathy)


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