Sunday, May 11, 2014

It's Second Sunday again? Duh, May has just started.

Second Sunday has become a paradise for Street Photographers.

We meet in front of the Starbucks on King at Calhoun around 2 and spend several hours roaming up and down King Street with our cameras.

Looking for a single shot that tells a story.

Our members include nature lovers, landscape and architectural fanciers, pet lovers, wedding photographers, portrait shooters, and wannabes with their first camera or phone cam.

With my background in news photography, my eye lights on different scenes.

I sometimes write the caption in my head while I'm taking the picture.

This one would be "Ready, Get set...GO-Pro." Actually, I had no idea what Gregg Hoffman was doing but it looked interesting. 
He was holding a $400 GO-PRO camera up in the air, attached to a clamp-on tripod. 

His phone has an app(lication) that lets him see what the camera is seeing. Gregg was shooting video but also could do still shots. 

He's with the marketing group that promotes Second Sunday.

One of the newest members of our Photo Group is Sam who recently moved here from Virginia.

She had staff from Fire Street Food  restaurant posing in the doorway and made sure she had her picture before they could get back to work.

It's a friendly King Street Sunday crowd as seen by this youngster eager to pet the puppy. 

The caption I was putting with this shot was "Is it OK for this little girl to touch me?"

The temps had dropped a bit, the humidity was tolerable and there was some spotty cloud cover.

Good weather for the crowd and not bad for photography. 

Bright sunlight can produce harsh shadows that need to be lightened.

I spotted a family wandering along and saw the boy was wearing a patriotic red, white and blue outfit.

All he lacked was a shield to portray a young Captain America.

A small crowd was gathered around a stand serving up Italian Ice and I moved around to get an angle that featured him.

His expression changed, I clicked and the caption wrote itself:

"What, there is no AMERICAN ice here?"

Stopped to listen while a salesman explained the advantages of buying a new LEAF.

It's the battery-powered car that goes about 110 miles on a single charge.

"Battery charging stations are already popping up around the state and GPS in the car locates where they are," we were assured.

Unlike the Prius and other Hybrid cars, the Leaf runs on a plug-in battery only and there is no gasoline engine as a backup. One person asked how many miles to the gallon it gets and was told "zero gasoline, zero emissions."

As predicted, darker clouds rolled in late in the afternoon and some thunder was heard.

No rain fell though. 

At least not on King Street. 

Certainly not on the marketing people.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

I was out on Savannah Highway Wednesday night for the Bessinger Bar-B-Q classic car show.

I'll post some pictures later and remind you to mark another item on your calendar: 

First Wednesday means Car Show 6 pm to 9 pm.

Thanks for walking along with me today.

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