Saturday, May 17, 2014

"When the moon hits your eye, lika big pizza pie..."

I came out of a meeting Wednesday night and looked up at the moon obscured by clouds.

As I walked toward my car, the clouds were uncovering the moon.

I stopped, took out my camera and waited for the shot I wanted.

(My small camera has a wee tripod attached all the time so I was able to sit it atop my car.)

Sure beats lugging around a full-size one for the moment you might need it.

Under different conditions - like a Super Moon sighting - I have captured more details of the moon.

Again, it was with my small-but-mighty Canon sx260 and its phenomenal 20x optical zoom.

This planned outing with other members of my Photography Group, did involve a regular tripod.

It was a clear night and the moon appeared quite a bit larger than usual.

That - and sharp focus - made for a nice shot.

Hint: set focus between 225,623 and 252,088 miles.
My previous camera - the Canon S90 - had only a 3x zoom so items appear farther away.

I switched from film cameras to digital about 12 years ago and, as they say, I have not looked back.

Oh sure, the first small P/S (Point & Shoot) ones had a screen on the back about the size of a postage stamp.

The newer ones don't even have a viewfinder.

Once I got the 20x zoom, I realized just how much I had missed the heavy gadget bag on my shoulder, filled with a variety of lenses.

It's still a good idea to look up every now and then even when you are NOT carrying a camera.

And be careful where you park.

If you can see a sign like this near your car, birds can see your car.

With a bulls-eye on it.

'Nuff said.

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

I wouldn't stand by that sign looking up too long either.

Unless you're wearing a hat.

And maybe a rain poncho.

Loiter responsibly.

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