Monday, May 12, 2014

Remember "There's a Ford in your future" ad slogan?

What if that Ford was a Shelby Cobra?

I had a small sports car back in the 60s and did a Road Rally or two..

But my small TR3 was a cream puff compared to the muscle cars of that era.

And especially Ford Mustangs with an attitude.

At Bessinger's Barbecue on Savannah highway, 1st Wednesday means Classic Car Show.

It runs from 6 pm  to 9 pm and get there early to find a parking space.

Members of my Photo Group like to spend times with fellow camera fans and check out "what's new."

It's really a family-friendly event so kids are everywhere, having a good time looking at "old cars." Ouch!
Sometimes you just HAVE to use a fisheye lens effect.

Especially when space is cramped and cars are so close together.

This was a Ford 1957-59 experiment that just didn't have enough research into hydrology to make it work smoothly.

It also lacked adequate trunk space.

Actually none. That's where the convertible/hardtop was stored.

Here some youngsters show they have already  learned to "Buckle Up For Safety."

Even when they are seated in a car probably older than their dad.

Or maybe even their Grand pop.

Notice that restored fire engine behind them.

I thought there might be a problem when it rolled up, siren blaring and red lights flashing.

Kids flocked over and were encouraged to climb aboard.

It was lovingly restored and acts as an "ambassador" for the Charleston FD.

Sometimes just simple lines and curves reach out to the camera.

I have heard that people sometimes have an urge to touch and try to squeeze those coiled exhausts.


Remember an exhaust can be VERY hot.

Pictures rather than burn blisters are better souvenirs of a car show.

More and more two wheel bikes are appearing at this show.

This evening there were 3-wheelers on display.

Some with the single wheel in the front and some with it in the rear.

I had seen a 3-wheeler on a recent trip to Charlotte and found out they can run between $20,000 and $30,000.

It depends on what model you choose and what add-ons you pick.

Saw a German WWII cycle with a sidecar attached.
The stern Wehrmacht soldier kept a wary eye on passersby as he wore a menacing machine gun strapped across his chest.

A recent signpost souvenir from France was tucked in behind him.

Parents would have to explain what that was all about to the excited, scampering children.

Found out that the judging is done by the participating exhibitors.

A fee is paid to enter a car, a bike or a fire engine and then they are given a ballot or score sheet to tally points..

Truly judgment by your peers.

Wonder how the vintage Peugeot/Citroen exhibitor scored this one.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Do yourself a favor and check this out in the coming months.

You really "auto."

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