Friday, May 30, 2014

A Wednesday Trifecta...meat, monsters and music!

 It was my buddy's birthday dinner on Wednesday at Ruby Tuesday.

Well, actually, his birthday was about a week ago, but RT sent him a birthday coupon for a free burger.

It was good till the end of May.

I had celebrated MY birthday last month for at least a week so this makes sense.

He had a burger and I went for a sirloin steak with low carb interesting trimmings. Well, maybe the onion rings could be challenged as "healthy."

This monster meal was followed by a 3-D viewing of Godzilla at the IMAX at nearby Citadel Mall.

I had forgotten (spoiler alert!) that Big G was actually trying to protect us from two (or more?) other monsters.

I Googled and saw possible sightings in the early trailer that included the always-popular Mothra, and maybe Rodan.

Also speculated were Kaiji and Gigan.

Had just had dinner so was not tempted by the Godzilla-size really big barrel of popcorn.

Everything is bigger in IMAX.

The third part of the trilogy that night was at the Pour House in West Ashley.

The headliner act was The Lee Boys but we were taken with the 4-time Grammy Award winner "opener" Trae Pierce and his funky T-Stone band.

They wore caps and tees with TPTS on the front and had the weekday crowd up and dancing.

The leader Trae had on a sporty top hat that captured your attention as well as his music.

The Florida high energy variety dance band put on quite a show and - close to midnight - the main act took over the stage.

I am a big fan of Robert Randolph and the Family Band so know and enjoy the sound of the steel pedal guitar.

Roosevelt Collier was in fine form and drummer Earl Walker set a torrid pace.

At one point this large family band invited the openers up on the stage with them.

We were able to see 6 stringed instruments playing at once.

Backed by two keyboards , drums, a singer and a few others. Yikes. You got your cover charge worth that night.

Oh, I forgot to include a picture of the free hamburger from Ruby Tuesday. Meh.

Suffice to say, the free meal coupon had a value of $9 and the one that he had made cost $11.

We skipped dessert because we were heading to the 3-D movie.

All in all, it was a great night.

A good mixture of taste and talent.

In the midst of Spoleto and Piccolo-Spoleto.

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

So far none of my Spoleto events had featured even one cold beer.

This evening made up for that.

Celebrate an Arts Festival in moderation.

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