Thursday, February 27, 2014

Where Eagles Soar....

Don Henley was one of the founders of The Eagles.

Still in fine voice and quite the showman, along with his bandmates.

I drove over to Atlanta for a concert and a night in the big city.

No trace of snow or ice!

A 3-hour show, including three encores. Yikes.

Last time I saw them was at the Charleston Coliseum.

That also was a sell-out audience.

This evening at the Phillips Arena was a recounting of the History of The Eagles.

Beautiful production with great lighting and sound.

Well worth the drive...and expensive tickets for seats on the floor.

One, then two performers came into the spotlight as the show opened.

More came on stage, added as the history was told of the early activities in the 70s.

Successful albums and a hit single plucked from one that sailed to the top of the charts.

Loved hearing the growth stages they went through... and the 14-year "breakup" before they got back together.

As I said, the singing - and the harmony - was fantastic.

Timothy B. Schmit is featured on guitar as Henley pounds on drums, a role he performed quite often during the night.

Arena security forces were a bit much through most of the concert.

They finally eased toward the end when cellphones appeared and the audience was in a glorious, joyful mood, standing, singing, clapping and dancing.

Camera-banning enforcement did stymie my attempt to get a shot of Joe Walsh performing "Life's Been Good."

Check the link though to share the moment.

The final bow is not very good quality but it was a grab shot blown up from a wide-angle frame.

L-R are Bernie Leadon, Schmit, Glenn Frey, Henley (checkered shirt) and Joe Walsh.

Quite a history.

Quite a band.

Quite a night.

There were magic moments when all of the principals were on stage and scenic backgrounds were projected.

The lighting effects were extremely effective and added a huge element to the show.

Thanks were expressed by Don Henley at the end, to the audience, to Atlanta and the "the hundred people responsible for tearing down, transporting and re-assembling the set at every city on the tour."

Hey, I'll add my thanks too for a wonderful evening.

(Click on the photos for details.)

I guess Security does what it's told to do.

Evil cameras and cell phones.

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At Fri Feb 28, 10:22:00 AM , Blogger Elvin said...

I'm a big fan of the Eagles and Don Henley. I bet it was a great concert.


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