Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Give The People What They Want!"

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings are back. And, they're better than ever.

The Music Farm was packed - on a Monday night - to welcome Sharon back onstage from her battle with cancer.

Radiation treatments may have taken her hair but her energy and honest Soul Power has not been diminished.

Wow. I broke a sweat just watching her move around that stage.

The Dap-Kings American funk & soul band backed her dynamic performance as she showed she has NOT lost her groove, rhythm, feeling and explosive power.

Last year, just before release of their 5th studio record, "Give the people what they want," cancer was diagnosed.

Instead of worldwide touring, it was hospitals and doctors.

But now she looks great, sounds great and keeps moving.

Yes, she kicked off her shoes. It's a trademark.

She leaned from the stage to tousle the hair of fans in the front row then rubbed her head and laughed.
She paced across the stage, back and forth.

Coming to the front, she'd pick out a member of the crowd and seem to sing to him or her.

Snappy steps.

Glides and hops.

Over by the 3-man horn section...smiling at the Conga player...sailing to the edge.

I had found a spot by the stairs to the balcony and held on to it for the entire hour and a half show and encores.

Obviously Sharon was glad to be back. Enjoying being onstage again.

The crowd gave its love and she gave it back.

She says that's what got her through the medical ordeal - performing for her fans.

I had been down in front of the stage the last time I saw her at The Farm.

That night she invited some of the ladies to come up on stage and dance with her.

This night she selected two men from the audience. Both had lots of hair!

The first young man whipped out his phone and took a few "selfies" with Sharon.

Then, the lead guitar stepped over and photo bombed one of the shots by sticking his face in between them.

The second fellow was a "Mountain Man." Huge guy. He was easily half again as tall as Sharon but quick on his feet as they danced together. Funky.

The crowd loved it.

The first man climbed down off the stage, this man just stepped down. Yikes.

As Sharon left the stage after her encore, she tried to touch as many people as she could.

Yes, she was back.

And we're glad.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

The link should let you listen to tracks from the new album.

Glad to see her back in front of the crowd.


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