Tuesday, January 28, 2014

RED like a Valentine....

The Photo Group I founded 6 years ago has a Show & Tell session at each 2nd Wednesday monthly meeting.

We vote on an optional theme.

February (duh) is "Something Red."

I decided NOT to show any hearts and flowers.

Looking around, I remembered an unusual looking empty bottle I brought home from a bar several years ago.

Saw it on the backbar, asked about it and found it had about two shots still in it.

The sweet bartender said she would pour them for us...at $8 a shot.

Naturally I asked if I could take the now-empty randy brandy bottle home.

She finally agreed.

Even empty, it's quite a conversation starter on my bar at home.

I also have an array on display of unusual beer glasses.

The tallest - standing a proud 3 feet high in its wooden stand - is called a "Yard of Ale" glass.

The shorter one next to it is known as a "half Yard."

This cheerful (not) bird seems always to be angry.

I never have played an online game by that name but understand it came out of nowhere and became very popular.

Doubt it would bring a smile to my face unless I were the winner.

I was sitting in the living room at a friend's house, telling him I was keeping an eye out for things colored red.

He smiled and suggested I stand up and look around.

So I did and had an inspiration.

I also had my camera with me.

I caught the color and texture of another example of "something red."

Not a sexy whisky container.

Not a car that looked as if it were speeding even when it was parked.

Not an anti-social avian specimen.

Just a basic chair.

Found it while sitting on my asset.


In Belgium, this is called just "Waffle."

There are a variety of toppings and I chose strawberries.

And whipped cream.

Still, just a waffle.

I took a bite before I remembered to snap a souvenir photo.

Maybe, someday, I thought, I might need to show something bright red.

And edible.

Technically, this trolley is not out of the country.

However it does take one from downtown San Diego to the Mexican border at San Ysidro.

The Gateway to Tijuana.

And, of course, back again.

So that's my little tale of red spots here and abroad.

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

We get about 25 members of the Photo Group at the meetings - and more usually on Photo Walks we arrange.

If you'd like to attend, joining is free.

We have some members who don't even have a "real" camera...they use their phone to take pictures.

At least they usually have a "camera" with them.

Maybe they'll be "seeing red."

In a good way.

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