Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Icy - League bushes and trees...

 OK, we've seen this before.

Well, it was only a dusting of late January snow.

But it dropped on top of a thick coating of ice.

Killer ice on the highways.

Not too great either walking across the deck and down the stairs.

Not even crunchy...just slippery.

I carefully went downstairs to do my exercises and slowly crept back up.

Whew. Made it safely.

Then I remembered I had not set the faucet to drip slowly all night.

Creep down. Turn on tap. Back up.

Slide to the door and get back inside.

The Weather Channel had it's well-known guy Jim Cantore standing on King Street in an icy rain.

Get nervous when they fly him to your town!

And don't interupt him when he''s on the air.

As the snow flew, so did my flag. Yes.

A flag-sicle.

My poor palm trees drooped under the icy coating.

That happened 4 years ago (February) but there also was a ton of very wet snow that time.
So far the snow has been sparse.

Well, at my house. Can't speak for the rest of the area.

I did hear Cantore say "Probably be playing golf here again by Saturday."

He's the weather expert...not I.

You'll notice I pumped up the green a little bit to make the palms stand out more.

Least I could do. Can't really
bring them inside or cover  'em with a

The bushes seemed to ice up even more.

Icy-League look for sure.

So I don't think the sun came out today and the temps stayed below freezing.

Could be an interesting evening because none of that slick ice melted on the roads.

I have my fingers crossed the ice on trees and on power lines will not cause an outage.

I did buy a 10,000 BTU kerosene heater a few days ago and a good supply of fuel.

When I mentioned that to a friend, he said he had several space heaters already.

I waited a moment.

Then he said "Oh yeah, they're all electric plug-ins. Uh oh."

Downstairs I also remembered I have a camp stove. It's powered by small cans of propane and I had bought a supply of those too.

In case of a hurricane.

So, even with the power out, I can make a pot of coffee and warm up a meal.

Hmm, my Keurig coffee maker is electric.

And I no longer have that old metal percolator.

Weather be gentle tonight.

The jar of Folger's Instant coffee is really, really old.

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