Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lyme? No, it's called Mynt.

Of course the couch is a mint green color.

Your eye goes right to it when you pass by the front window or as you enter.

A Pee Wee Herman piece of furniture?

No, not really but it was my first time to Mynt so I asked a lot of questions.

It's a bar and nightclub - a place to dance - for young professionals.

Robert (Bob) the bartender said it's been open on Calhoun Street "almost two years."

I asked what was there before and he thought it was an office supply or copier store.

Admittedly, I was there fairly early so the late night crowd had not drifted in.

I was checking it out before the Sharon Jones show over at the Music Farm.

Affable Bob let me sample a draft I had not tried before. I liked it and had him bring over a pint as I studied the menu.

"Small problem," he said as he set down a half-filled glass.

"It's probably just a gas thing I need to adjust but I'll top it off when I get it working right," he explained.

So my challenge was to drink quickly.

Walked around the place after I ordered my Philly Steak sandwich with thin fries. Lots of very large pictures of celebrities all around the room.

I'm not a young professional any more but I spotted a few I recognized.

Then I had a Charleston Bill Murray Encounter.

Well, an enlarged photo of Mr. Murray, dapper in a fedora and open collared shirt.

Very Lowcountry.

I liked the lighting on all of the portraits on display.

In fact, the entire room was wide-open and comfortable.

Bright and colorful, lots of dark wood and a lighted bar top.

I'm sure the young dancers flock there.

It's been a long time since I was a young dancer. Or even an older one.

I asked if Murray had dropped by?

"Not yet, " Bob answered, "that's kind of what we hoped would happen when we put up his picture."

The Philly was very tasty and I had a second beer after my first one was topped off.

My timing was good - that sandwich had just been added to the menu.

And I like skinny fries.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

And hit the link to the club for some really nice pictures. Some were taken with a "real" Fish Eye lens.

Oh, and look at the Pee Wee's Playhouse link.

Check out HIS furniture.

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