Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weekend in the Garden.

Well, not THAT kind of gardening.

Not digging in the dirt. More like sampling different biers un der garten.

The 2nd annual Beer Garden was held in Brittlebank Park on a cloudy Saturday. It did not rain.

Was reminded - as I saw Craft Beer growlers all around me - that Charleston has come full circle with cars and beer. This event was sponsored by certain Sunoco gas (and growler) filling stations.

As a teenager growing up here, I recall you could get a beer with your cheeseburger and fries at drive-in restaurants. Where the cool high school kids hung out. (Burp, 'scuse me).

There were plenty of places here to have your souvenir (plastic) pint stein either filled or used to sample 3 ozs. of different beers. Several times.

Picnic tables, white folding chairs and shady spots galore. Also games involving beer themes.

While I was there I enjoyed the sounds of Lily Slay of The Royal Tinfoil.

Mackie Bole backed her on guitar.

It was just about the right size crowd - plenty of room to roam, quick service at the draft pulls and many of the white chairs ended up scattered around in front of the stage. Comfy.

People -watching was good here.

A yacht was anchored nearby and cigar smokers had a clear field day.

The Bridge radio station signs mirrored the "other" one with the Ashley River bridge in the background.

Body art was on full display. Many tattoos showed real artistic ability.

And some whimsy.

The beer itself offered quite a variety.

Local brewers were represented as well as regional and national brands. All pull together now!

Saw people walking around wearing "necklaces" they had made by stringing small pretzels on a cord.

I settled for a few of the small bags to munch with my Dogfish Stout.

There were games of skill and brawn sited around the park.

Don't know what the prizes were but I saw throw-the-hoop-around-the-growler at one table.

A crowd gathered to watch and cheer the Keg Toss competition.

The longest throw was marked with a small flag marker and the goal was to make yours land further ahead.

Apparently it was open to both men and women. That's only fair.

I was really impressed until I noted these were EMPTY kegs. Well, Duh.

Didn't see anyone spin around and around and release like throwing the discus.

But it was early yet and the beer had not kicked in sufficiently.

All in all, it was a pleasant afternoon for a walk in the park.

Heard some music, saw some creative and ornate tats, and dodged empty kegs flying through the air.

No surprise where my appetite led me to continue this German-ish celebration.

There I ordered my favorite : a plate of Wiener Schnitzel.

Und ein bier, bitte. Yah!

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

Enjoy beer moderately.

And breaded veal.


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At Thu May 23, 03:38:00 PM , Blogger Elvin said...

Looks like a great biergarten event. Prost!!!


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