Sunday, March 17, 2013

TWO Green Days This Year.....

What a great weekend!

Saturday was Park Circle for the 10th annual Madra Rua St. Paddy's Day street party.

I chose to wear an OD (Olive Drab) green Marine Corps t-shirt.

Didn't want to get pinched.


This fellow wasn't liable to be pinched either.

Well, not for not wearing o' the green.

He was obvious in a bright body suit.

With matching beads. Perhaps a matching beer as well?

Looks like someone may need some "hair of the dog" tomorrow.

A moment later, the pooch was up on all fours, ready to continue the party.

One fellow with a beard, was wearing a pretty green frock.

It might have been inspired by an Irish Tinker Bell.

Well, it DID look like it had tiny bells sewn on it.

 He caught my eye several times. Something registered in my brain.

"Tinker" worked his way through the crowd, up and down Montague, stopping at a bar every now and then to replenish his beer.

I had on one of my simple green Marine t-shirts.

Nothing flashy.

I heard  "Semper Fi" and received a few handshakes.

Then I noticed the familiar EGA tattoo on the right shoulder of the bearded Tinker Bell.

The Marine Corp's official emblem:  Eagle, Globe and Anchor.

This young lass said it was OK to take a picture of her face painting.

But would not share her name.

She assured me it was NOT a tattoo.

It would be easy to remove after the party wound down.

Tables and chairs had been set up outside - in the street - in front of several eateries along Montague Avenue.

Food trucks were placed on either side of the street.

Yes, there were plenty of beer vendors.

I even saw 2 push carts offering a Guinness Popsicle.

Gives new meaning to "have a cold one."

(Click on the photos for more details.)

After a day of Irish foolishness, Sunday was a Day at the Beach.

My photography group headed down Highway 17 south to Botany Bay.

Yes, there WILL be some photos from that outing.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hope you had a safe and sane St. Patrick's Day... either Saturday or Sunday.

Or both.

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