Saturday, March 24, 2012

All Aboooaard!

Many, many people have never been on a train.

Hop on one tomorrow (Sunday) downtown by the Maritime Center/Aquarium. It's free and educational.10:00am to 4:00pm. Lots of free parking.

The "Exhibit train" is sitting on a siding to celebrate Amtrak's 40th anniversary.

I went car-by-car through four decades of America's national passenger railroad history today and think even children will find it pretty special.

You can push buttons and hear four different horns that have been developed over the years.

That wailing mournful cry is an integral part of magical railroad lore.

You see the evolution of comfortable coach seating that rivals First Class on the airlines.

..but with lots of legroom for everybody.

Trains have huge picture windows so you really have great views as you travel.

I did a 30-day Rail Pass a year after I retired and it was a terrific way to see the country, sitting about 20 feet off the ground.

Got off and visited my children in San Francisco, San Diego and Denver .

Was really on the train only about 12 days during that comfortable travel month.

I'm ready to ride the rails again.

(Click on the pictures for more details.)

Hope you get down there tomorrow.

The link shows where's it's been so far and where it's headed next.

It's the Charleston Choo-Choo.

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At Sun Mar 25, 05:52:00 PM , Blogger Suzie said...

Darn, I missed it! Did you see Joan? Her window view is so much like yours. Pretty cool. Looks like a lot of fun. Used to ride the rails in CA and hubby has ridden them here but I haven't. Wish it weren't so expensive.

At Mon Mar 26, 01:01:00 AM , Blogger senormedia said...

Crap - didn't know this was happening.
I drove past that train every day for a week and wondered why it was here.


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