Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Nice Couple of Gents...

The Pour House out on Maybank Highway offers fine music and better lighting and sound than most venues.

The Two Man Gentlemen Band appeared there on a Wednesday and drew a nice crowd of dancin' followers.

They kind of remind me of the Smothers Brothers but at 10x the speed and pace. Yikes.

I had seen them twice before at the Tin Roof and the lighting there always was a challenge.

Was able to get some shots but nothing like I did mid-week at the PoHo.

The opener for their 1920's Jazz and Ragtime sound was perfect. Ukulele Noodle McDoodle.

He performed solo without the V-Tones and had the crowd warmed up and ready for the two gents from New York.

So we have two guys onstage, introduced by a single uke player.

Certainly not a Big Band Sound but the Swing Dancers worked up a sweat!

We seem to bump into each other at various music spots around town.

This sound was a natural magnet for them!

And they were rewarded when the Two Man Band invited some to come up onstage and dance to their final encore number.

Swinging! Perfect Gentlemen.

(As usual, click on the photo twice for more details. These are right out of the camera - no manipulation - so see how the Canon S90 works in club lighting.) Thanks for coming by. Come again.

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