Sunday, October 17, 2010

You'll Feel A Little Pressure....

Tim Conway as the bumbling self-numbing "Dentist."

That role is often named as the funniest skit on the Carol Burnett Show that was on tv from 1967 -1978.

He was in Charleston today at the PAC (Performing Arts Center)presenting Tim Conway and Friends.

The dental chair was there and he stabbed himself repeatedly with Novocaine just as we remembered. His long time partner on Burnett's show was Harvey Korman who died in 2008.

He knows his (older) audience. It was a 3:00 pm matinee

After the show, we still could make the Early Bird Special at a restaurant.

The Burnett Show ended 32 years ago but this funny fellow has kept busy, pleasing his fans across the country with live performances.

Many know him from hilarious "sports" video spoofs featuring DORF.

The diminutive athlete first showed us his special secrets of the game of golf about 20 years ago.

Short in stature but tall in comedy.

He was joined onstage by his traveling talented cohorts Chuck McCann and Louise DuArt.

Mr. Conway asked that the house lights come on so he could chat with the audience of about 1,000 and answer questions.

That type of casual exchange used to be a regular 2-3 minute feature at the opening of the Carol Burnett Show.

Among his many activities, he currently is the voice of Barnacle Boy on SpongeBob, pleasing yet another young audience.

(Click on the photos for more details. An announcement was made to "go ahead and take all the photos you want." Mr. Conway was also the announcer, he said, to save a few bucks. Catch his show if you can sometimes.)

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