Friday, October 22, 2010

"Chute" Yourself....

Oh, there was an extra added treat last week after I flew an aerial tour over Charleston.

I was invited to come back that evening to Atlantic Aviation where there was to be a small trade show for pilots and owners of private planes.

That's where I heard about a safety option for planes that has saved more than 200 lives.

And has smoothly brought disabled expensive aircraft down to earth.

Apparently Cirrus Aircraft, the company holding the trade show, makes the only "certified" plane with a built-in parachute.

I was told "experimental" and "kit" models sometimes have this safety feature.

There was a prototype of a new Cirrus Vision corporate jet at the show as well as a mock-up of how one could be individually configured for the owner of his or her new personal jet.

Yes, the brochure explained, it too could have the built-in safety chute.

While I didn't buy a plane, I sure enjoyed the delicious buffet and imported beer provided by Crave Catering.

[I did NOT take the photo of the plane descending. It came from the Cirrus packet of materials. The rest are mine - taken with my Canon S90 - so click on the image for more detail. Thanks for viewing. Please come back often.]

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