Friday, July 24, 2009

Loyalty Cards work....

So I wanted some peel & eat shrimp. Local shrimp, of course.

I carry a "loyalty card" in my wallet for a local eatery with "Shack" in its name and the nice lady behind the bar brought me a half pound of steamed shrimp.

I handed over my plastic loyalty card so my presence would be noted in the computer. I was told the computer responded that I had accrued a $10 discount. Hey, the shrimp were free.

Fellow sitting a few stools down the bar watched this and asked about the loyalty card. He was down from New England and, following my lead, was ordering some of the local shrimp too.

The bartender stated the benefits, including a "free dinner on your birthday."

He smiled and said "Then THIS is free. Today's my birthday." She agreed and he and I discussed other spots he should check out on his holiday.
I suggested that he walk across East Bay to a very well done "pirate theme" restaurant called The Buccaneer. The decor features lots of old Charleston brick and pirate artifacts. I told him to look for the Boddingtons ale sign out front.

It used to be a huge dance club called City Bar for many years.

When I first came back 15 years ago it was Acme Bar & Grill. I still have one of its t-shirts that says Think Global/Drink Local.

I am VERY loyal.

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At Fri Jul 31, 08:39:00 PM , Anonymous Lively said...

Tasty post, Chuck. But now my keyboard smells like shrimp!


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