Thursday, July 09, 2009

Looking up ....

Last night the local Photography group that was formed a year and a half ago met at North Towne Grill, the Greek restaurant that was NOT recently damaged by a fire. (

The optional theme for the monthly Show & Tell was "SIGNS" and 16 members brought some of their favorites to share.

THIS one certainly caught my eye!

Patrick Stuckart explained the theme was in the back of his mind as he drove back to Charleston and he snapped several overhead highway signs so he would have a "canvas" for his creativity.

Oh. So it's NOT a real sign.

But, neither was this one I put together on Photoshop.

It does communicate a thought though and I got the laugh I wanted.

Patrick had another on the front of a Army Recruiting station that said "Now Hiring."

Other signs were taken out of context and humorous in a different way.

We saw a beautiful presentation by Tom Spain, our guest speaker, who is Chief of Photography at The Post and Courier newspaper.

One stunning shot after another drew ohs and ahs from the crowd - like watching a fireworks display - and Tom credited his extremely talented staff with producing the award-winners.

Tom took questions from the members who are photographers and wannabes and gave some extremely helpful hints and suggestions.

"It's not the equipment that you have. It's the person behind the camera that makes the shot," he reminded us.

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