Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Google me this....

OK, I know this is just wrong.

Public office leaves you open to criticism.

Even lame off-beat crap, er, stuff.

Last October I was among a very select small group of people who were invited to the Grand Opening of the new Google Data Center in Berkeley County. Pretty heady stuff for a retired newspaper guy who now does a blog.

However, it was not really "open" except for a select few.

The Governor was allowed inside the private, private, inner sanctum.

They knew he could keep a secret. Boy, howdy!

Now, many are counting back to see where he might have been in his relationship at that particular time.

As a local writer commented, it's quite a jarring impact to move from Sullivan's Island to Columbia.

Sorry Columbia, that was yet another cheap shot.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

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