Friday, May 22, 2009

Going Postal ......

The US Postal Service has an enormous, uphill task.

And I'm talking about just a little project I launched today.

I am sending back coupons for free offers. The ads said to glue it on a "penny postcard."

Well, I had to add a 27 cent stamp as well on each card as I responded to ads in the 1939 issue of Popular Photography magazine.

The tiny coupon at the bottom of the ad had a dotted line so I knew where to cut. General Electric - and several other companies - had just their name, a Dept # and the city/state.

No street address or P.O. box.

Back in 1939 there were no ZIP codes either. Everybody knew each other I guess. Or the mailmen did.

The website for the magazine showed no snail mail address but I did find an 800# and a surprised clerk wished me well.

He told me the Chicago address I had was decades out of date and gave me the "new" one in New York.

My mail carrier will probably bring all of the others back.

I know I had the postage right.

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