Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Real Mickey Mouse operation .....

I mean that with the highest regard. We could ALL learn from The Mouse.

This certificate meant my boss and I and about 20 Florida State Tourism officials had been down in the hidden catacombs of Walt Disney World.

We had enjoyed the ultimate behind-the-scenes tour.

Normally, nobody gets to peek behind the curtain but the Disney folks were launching a new 2-day "How To Be Effective" management course and we were the first "class."

Florida Tourism has always been First Class and I felt I had been picked up from The Minors (Tourism Director of Missouri) when I was asked to join the staff in Tallahassee back in the mid-80s.

I had made it to The Major Leagues.

We were fortunate to have The Mouse with us often on joint promotions here in the United States and overseas in Berlin for an International Tourism conference.

We were the "umbrella" statewide agency. At travel shows, we had a clever plan: we invited the private sector to travel with us, each in their own booths touting their hotels, resorts, attractions, etc.

The overall banner proclaimed all these booths clustered together as "The Florida Aisles."

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