Thursday, January 15, 2009

Laughing At The Stock Market...

Here's a camera you might find at Dollar General.

We are all much more economy-minded these days and I just laughed out loud at a letter from my broker.

It's a "creative writing" challenge to be upbeat when you're telling clients their stocks are now worth about half what they were at the start of 2008. This guy did a fine job..... of making me laugh through my tears.

He said the holidays usually means watching uplifting Christmas classics on tv such as the 1946 It's A Wonderful Life, etc. But now it sounds just like the daily news when Jimmy Stewart pleads with his clients to "Just be patient. Don't let Mr. Potter give you fifty cents on the dollar," as people deal with economic hardship, home foreclosures and a run on the bank.

In the Christmas Story, the anticipated delicious turkey dinner is savagely whisked away by a "pack of dogs."

Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation gets a bonus of a "Jelly of the Month Club" instead of desperately-needed cash.

Some days you're the pigeon and other days you're the statue.

Hang in there.

[Full disclosure: I took the statue picture. "Folding camera" is from internet.]

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