Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cute Photos Of Cats....

As bloggers well know, when all else fails and you don't have anything really worth writing about, pull out shots of your cat doing something cute. Or unusual.

Wally Jr. really does like to hang out next to the shower when it is in use. He'll even walk inside afterwards while the floor is still wet. Of course, I've never turned it on while he is in there. Really, I haven't. That just would not be right. Plus, cats find ways to get even.

A shower is a human thing and not something a cat would use. They don't like water. They prefer to avoid water. That is, if it might get them wet.

Mine has learned that water is available even when I am not at home.
Hmmm...maybe I can get rid of the litter box?

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At Thu Sep 13, 08:47:00 AM , Blogger JanetLee said...

Well, you can't go wrong with cat pictures, and I should know, I've based my entire blog on it!

Very pretty orangie! And you can toilet train a cat.


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