Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Photograph lasts forever.

Something online about making a "cube photo" caught my eye and reminded me that parents of small children should be ever alert.

Take a moment to immortalize an instant. You'll be glad you did. However, your child may have different thoughts years later.

The article showed how to make a cube from wood, cardboard, styrofoam...even a Rubik's puzzle ...and then taping or glueing on photos to help a loved one decorate a cubicle. Hey, I came up with a twist on that idea 30 years ago.

I could have used 6 different photos of my baby daughter but after I snapped a closeup of her face, I realized both sides would be nice too. The view of the top of her head, the back of her bald little pate and, finally, her curled up feet and toes captured a much better, more rounded view of how she looked that day.

She is 32 now and commented that the view of the back of her head looks like a full moon rising.

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At Sat Feb 10, 11:59:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get photojojo as well. I've tried a few of their ideas.

At Thu Feb 15, 02:36:00 PM , Blogger Margo said...

What a unique and creative idea!


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