Thursday, January 25, 2007

Charlie Missed The Party.

A while back I was talking about when I was with CBS Television News covering the Charlie Manson murder case in Los Angeles and a Halloween Party the press corps held during the trial.

It was mentioned there was a photo of me "drunk with a lady reporter on my lap." I believe the attached photo shows just how much truth there was to THAT rumor.

If you look closely, you can see the handcuffs on my right wrist and, yes, those are 70s hippie striped bell bottom pants. I had blocked that from my memory completely.

One of the reporters sent me a CD with clippings from the trial and some pictures from the party so it was a memory jogger for sure.

The surprising thing about the overall group shot was that the prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi (far left) came to the party and posed along with one of Manson's lawyers, a bearded Ron Hughes who later died before the trial ended.

The 3 lady reporters all came as members of "the family" and wore black t-shirts and had crosses painted on their forehead. The actual ladies who picketed outside the L.A. Hall of Justice each day had carved the image on themselves.

I am glad to put to rest that old, old rumor about my alleged behavior at the party.

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At Sun Jan 28, 07:22:00 AM , Anonymous joan said...

Ooooooh, I don't know. She looks like she is on your lap to me :)


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