Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Two "Martins," no waiting....

Steve Martin, onstage at the PAC (Performing Arts Center), said he remembered the unique Continental seating here in North Charleston.

It was designed in Europe, hence the name "Continental."

Wide, curving, long rows with soft, comfortable seats - but no center aisle. It was created for people who never had to pee during a performance.

I had had that thought many times!

It was understood - and announced - that Steve and Martin Short did
not want any recordings during the show so I took a chance and snapped a few still pictures. 

But, no video.

My phone cam does not take good telephotos so I apologize for the lack of sharpness of this quick photo.

They both darted around the stage a lot so it was a challenge to catch them close together and relatively still.

The banter seemed harsh at first but then Marty Short explained they were exchanging "Hollywood" compliments.

They sound sincere but each ends with a caustic comment. 

Here was a surprise, Steve Martin came onstage with a banjo!

The real surprise - and a nice one for people further back - was the big screen behind them acting as a Jumbotron.

I was in row "J" that meant I was about 12 or 13 rows away so I had a good view.

Billed as both “A Night You’ll Forget for the Rest of Your Life” and “See Them Before They’re Dead!”, the duo proved to have as much zip and relevance as ever as they told jokes, sang songs and reflected upon their lives in show business.

The pair first met 30 years ago on the set of “Three Amigos,” which, of course, was given a nice little tribute as three audience members were brought up on stage and taught the famous Amigos Salute.
Trading barbs and funny comments, they took turns alone on stage and Steve was accompanied by The Steep Canyon Rangers as he and his banjo teamed with a manic fiddle player for a bit of Bluegrass.
Short darted off and onstage in several different personas, the most elaborate as a baby-size Jiminy Glick with his zany and caustic comments.
This time he was NOT wearing a fat suit and appeared as a babe-in-arms held by Steve Martin.
Yes, you really had to be there!
For those not familiar with the Glick character, I have included a link. You have to experience one of his interviews. The one I included is with Mel Brooks.
He also appeared onstage as a busty cowgirl to sing along with Steve on banjo.
There were several standing ovations during the show and even a "comedy encore" at the end.
When they finished, they bowed and went into the wings where they were met by a PAC bigwig who pointed out they had contracted for a show that was 5-minutes longer. 
Sure enough, at the end of that "encore,"time, they both stopped in mid-sentence, waved and left the stage.
(Click on the photos and links for more details).
What a delightful and zany evening. Thanks for stopping by.

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