Sunday, February 18, 2018

"Picture this...."

My Photo Group had a demonstration of portrait lighting on Saturday.

I am pleased I drove to Summerville to attend.

A nice small group as Gary set up his lights and a reflector in a nice size meeting place in Coastal Coffee Roasters.

Had not been in here before and saw a weekend Farmer's Market was clearing out as we arrived.

Gary Eaton pointed out the key light (strobe with a reflector umbrella), and the glowing "hair light"

It did just as you could guess, placing emphasis on the hair to show texture as well as separating it from the background.

A white reflector added as a "fill light" to make sure the shadows were not too deep and dark.

We asked if the vivid background of empty coffee bean bags would be "too busy?"

Gary showed how a wide opened aperture on the camera would cause the bags to blur.

He controlled that blur by moving back or closer to the subject.

We would look at the back of his camera to see the effects of the lighting and positioning after each shot.

He described each step in the process as he balanced the light input, shutter speed and effects on the blurred background.

Starting with shooting film in the 1970s, he explained that now we could look at a digital image right away.

With film, he would shoot multiple images while bracketing exposures to get just what he wanted.

Each of us had a turn posing as the others made note of why and how Gary was tweaking the desired results.

Truly a demo as opposed to a lecture.

We would ask why and he would show us alternatives.

As usual, I used my newspaper experience by stepping back and capturing the whole overall scene.

Gary would show us the small image on the camera back and later, he would take the time to finesse the image into his final version.
These he later posted on the Photo Group's Facebook page.

I was pleased the way Gary had positioned me and his instructions to lean one way or the other to make his lighting work on my face.

Usually, I am on the other side of the camera so I knew that he had an image in mind and, by following his directions, together we would create a pleasing result.

In my case, I now had a current bearded photo that I could use to send out to Casting Directors looking for people to be selected as an Extra or BG (Back Ground actor).

Several tv shows - and a movie with Jamie Lee Curtis -  are being filmed in Charleston and I have appeared already in some and hope to be chosen for more.

Cameras are not allowed on set so this was a good opportunity to have some new images to send when I apply for a casting call.

Oh, did I mention the Coastal Coffee Roasters also houses Oak Road Brewing?

I had visited the Summerville brewhouse when on my quest to sample all 23 local craft beer breweries in the Charleston area.

I had visited the 23rd one - Commonhose Aleworks - on O'Hair Street in the Park Circle area the second week it had opened.

I am diligent so I noted the addition of many new vats at Oak Road.

Brewmaster & COO Brian Cox told me they had increased their capacity 10 X and were now distributing kegs all around the Summerville and Charleston area.

The t-shirt they had for sale touts the "drink local" concept and continues to promote growth among the growing local brewers population and their efforts.

The photographers who had gathered for the demo wandered in and carried pints back next door.

We are very supportive of a worthy cause.

(Click on the images and links for more details.)

Thanks for following my blog and today's "twofer" of a photo session and sippin' some freshly brewed cold suds.

Click on Brewery to see what I had to say as I visited all of our local craft beer makers sites and sampled their wares.

Stop by often and tell your friends.


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