Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Get up outta your seats!

 Went to see Pink Martini at the Gaillard the other night.

Had enjoyed them before, right after we had elected a new Mayor.

He was invited to come up and play a song on the piano and later led a Conga Line through the gorgeous place!

That time I did not fall in line behind the Mayor but I did send him a photo and received a thank you on his City letterhead.

I decided to take a "selfie" as we waited for the show to begin.

Remembering my missed opportunity before, I hoped I could get more involved with the 10-piece band.

Boy, did I ever!

Shortly after they started, an invitation was issued to "the ladies in the audience" to come onstage to dance a number.

Many accepted the offer and streamed up the steep steps on each side.

I hoped there would be a chance for us guys to also climb up there.

A bit later, another offer was made for couples to come up and dance behind the band - a much larger space - so up I went.

The view from the stage was great.

I liked being behind - and among -  the band for some outtasight angles as they played.

Pink Martini's lead singer Storm Large belted out several tunes as we admired the scene from her viewpoint.

A fun, special offer that was gladly accepted.
I can't ever recall being onstage in such a beautiful setting.

Not that I am onstage that often.

Once, years ago, while chairing a tourism conference in Missouri in a small hall, I tapped the mic and said: "Ahem, can you hear me in the back?"

A male voice loudly bellowed from a curtain behind me "Yeah, yes I can."

It was really cool to look at the musicians and the audience in the huge hall from a VERY different viewpoint.

The drummer caught my eye and I trained my phone cam on him.

I shuffled around in my stage right corner, peeked into the curtained wings and soaked in a satisfying moment.

I HAVE been backstage at the Music Farm, coming down the stairs from the Greenroom where the performers had idled and peeked onstage.

But, no "peeking" this time. Right out there among them!

And, yes, the "traditional" Conga line invitation later was announced and the audience members queued up and filled the aisles.

Eventually, they ended up crisscrossing the stage.

Maybe a Mayor was needed to organize and lead the bouncing, swaying procession?

Needless to say, that audience-involved activity was the finale of the show.

It was easier than usual to exit and head to my car.

Here are some additional photos from that delightful evening.

(Click on the links and photos for more details.)

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