Saturday, December 09, 2017

If not healthy, sure is colorful...

 I say THIS is the message that appears when I step on my bathroom scale.

Not true but COULD happen.

The other message - as I feel a few more pounds have been added - would be "Come back alone."

I showed this to somebody and he asked where did the sign really appear?

It's on the entrance door at my Pinnacle Bank branch on Dorchester Road at the end of Ashley Phosphate in North Charleston.

I started banking at the Mount Pleasant branch when it was named Southcoast, then became Bank of North Carolina.

If you've been to either branch, you know that the door admits you inside but a second door does not open if it detects you have metal on you, like a gun or, I suppose, a sword.

It made for an apt sign to indicate I am heavier and need to take another look at what I am eating.

A recent house guest - taking a break from Chicago weather - came for few day's visit and I observed he bought different groceries than I do.

Healthy dark green salads, fruits, and veggies, but he did use some bread when he made avocado toast.

I had this for the first time while in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Anyway, he left two avocados behind and I made my version of the breakfast dish.

Not bad but I don't see any instant reduction shown on my scale.

I do enjoy blueberries and other mixed fruits with my cereal and probably should follow his lead and eat healthier.

Into grilled chicken and pork loin - the other white meat - so maybe I will see some lower figures on my scale.

Meanwhile, after a lull in activity of building a sidewalk on my side of the street in Hanahan, the SCE&G crews showed up.

Fascinating activity as the crews worked to install new power poles and removing the ones blocking the path of the sidewalk.

Came a knock on the door and a linesman informed me that my power would be turned off around 10am and they would restore it quickly as possibe once the transition was made to new poles.

Crews were working all the way down my street to clear the p[ath of the new sidewalk.

They had two trucks with booms and it must be like working activity in space at the International Space Station.

No, I think the ISS only has one boom arm.

Obviously,  a new pole would be put in place but all the "stuff" already attached would have to be moved to the new one.

We are talking about dangerous electrical connections that had to be carefully removed and then placed on a new pole.

I used to call them telephone poles but - with everyone carrying and using cell phones, I guess "power" is the correct new name.

Another example of how things are taken for granted and are subject to change.

Meanwhile, I still look around in my freezer and either "nuke" a meal in the microwave or simply use my frying pan.

I got rid of my pop-up toaster to have more counter space and use my toaster oven to prepare my bread slices or blueberry bagels.

Sure bread has carbs but at least there is some fruit involved.

I'll keep working on my food intake.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

 If you have not tried avocado toast it is simple to make.

Even I could do it.


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At Tue Dec 26, 10:42:00 AM , Blogger Ian May said...

I've gotta say that I quite enjoy avocados but I've never had them on toast. I might just try it though.


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