Sunday, October 08, 2017

12th Anniversary coming up.....

The "marriage" with my 2006 Saturn Quad Ion has had some counseling and adjustments. I am happy that we are still together!

You could say that cooler heads had good ideas that made our day.
We handled a hot problem that was a surprise when it popped up.

The mechanics at AAA Car Care heard my version of our A/C difficulties and then did their own consultation under-the-hood with the Saturn. 

They agreed that some changes had to be made and they had a fact-filled discussion with me. I was optimistic that there might be a simple solution to keep us bonded to each other.

Fantastic features on a small vehicle had originally caught my eye.
The hope-for-a-small-leak-that-could-be-fixed-easily did not happen. 

The $90 diagnostic showed that replacing the condenser was the only option that could be considered, and the reality of our surrounding climate and humidity made that decision easy - we had to chill. 

Half of the cost was for the parts and the other half was the capable hands that did the labor.
Experiences during the 11-year union showed that I had properly responded to the GM recall of the ignition system snafu and the Saturn's main expense to me had been only a replacement of her windshield after a 3rd party big gravel truck threw a rock at it. No guilt or fault by either of us.
No extravagant expenses on either side. Always Regular at the pumps. Steady attention to detail in the partnership meant oil changes somewhat close to what the silly oil-change people suggested. 

New "shoes" when appropriate where the rubber meets the road. No "nickel and dime" expenses had popped up. The Saturn had NOT ever "run home to mother" at the dealership. (Well, the dealership itself had changed its partner years ago.)
In short, this $560 A/C challenge could be handled without a drastic disruption of a fine relationship. A two-year warranty on the parts sealed the deal.

It has been a happy companionship and we look forward to December when we celebrate our 12th anniversary together.

No sticker shock then..and still none now.

I have noticed prices have gone up - a lot - since I entered into this relationship.

My thought is I got more for my money than I ever expected.

Unique design and features at an affordable cost.

Can't begin to imagine what features a 2017 Saturn would have offered.

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