Saturday, August 19, 2017

Just chillin'....finally

 Bad as this looks - inside your home in Charleston, S.C.  in August - it kept going up!

Hotter and hotter.

It peaked out at 95 and then cooled a bit that night.

Fortunately, I had several Tower Fans that I added to my bedroom to augment the ceiling fan.

I slept fitfully... and somewhat moist.

When I had awakened the day before, I was sweaty and I had a panicky thought "Oh, no, has the Air Conditioner broken?"

Sure enough, the temp on the thermostat was at 88 and was rising.

I called the company that had sold me the unit and installed it many, many years ago and asked for a repairman to come check it out.

 She said it might be Saturday - or even Sunday - before that could happen.

 Yikes. That was not what I wanted to hear.

This was the company I had paid annually for twice-a-year inspections and adjustments.

I was doing my part to keep it humming along and it had stopped humming.

She contacted the repairman who had visited me two times a year and he called me.

He had been off work, recovering from some broken bones after a fall but led me through the steps I had taken.
He said it MIGHT be a malfunctioning thermostat that failed to start the compressor.

I liked the sound of that, bought a new Honeywell wall unit, replaced the old "suspect one" and...
nothing happened. Still watching the ambient temperature climb even as I jabbed in the desirable lower temps.

The fellow on the Honeywell HOT line (see what I did there?) had me do several things and finally said his product was working fine but the compressor was not answering the command being sent to turn on.

 I brought several additional fans into the bedroom and decided I would get through the night and cross my fingers that I would hear from an AC repair person in the morning.

During the afternoon, I did learn that the cat does not like fans blowing air in her face.

My side of the house has windows that opened vertically at each end so I opened them to let the cooler night flow in.

Well, it was a lovely thought. Instead of getting into the 'hammock" she made on the bottom of the bed's box spring, she slept curled up in the front hallway.

Don't think any air was flowing there but how do you dissuade a feline when her mind is made up?

I also didn't think there was an alternative.

Fans obviously were out for her.

I am sure we both spent an uncomfortable night.

I called a different HVAC company this morning that had a 4.9 out of 5 approval rating and lots of July and August testimonials that touted their attitude and service. I figured a weekend call would be expensive but there was the cat to worry about, who depended on me to do the right thing.

As I waited for a callback that he was on his way to my warm house, I suddenly remembered a smart thing I had done several years ago.

There are so many!

In the event of an AC failure, I had bought a 5,000 BTU window unit to give me a cold spot as things got sorted out! And a cool night's sleep!

The windows on my side of the house would not accommodate it but my Mom's bedroom - now a spare room - had windows perfect for this. I unboxed it, set it in place and turned it on. Blessed cold air!
I quickly put Kibble and water in there and tossed in the cat.

My phone rang, the repairman had arrived and he came in and began to fiddle with the thermostat.

Instead of going up in the attic, he went to the outside portion of the HVAC and then I heard the AC click on!

Ryan with Air Plus HVAC showed me a 5-inch long red wire that was crimped and broken.

He said replacing that wire allowed the unit to kick on and the rest was glorious cool comfort.

He did caution me that my Trane unit was 19- years old and I should start shopping around to replace it.

I gladly paid the fee for a weekend call and smiled when I said it was much lower than I had dreaded.

He said he hears that a lot as we both sipped large glasses of ice cold water.

He was glad a trip up to the attic was avoided and I asked what was next for him.

He said two more calls and he would be done for the day. He suspected he would be in two more attics though.

He drove off and I opened the door to the spare bedroom and Wallis bounded out. I think cats CAN smile.

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