Saturday, September 30, 2017

Thirsty for some new brews....

11 days ago, the long-awaited Edmund's Oast Brewing Company opened its doors as the 21st local craft beer brewery.

I was fortunate to have General Manager Devin T. Marquardt chat with me at the bar and give me a behind-the-scenes tour of the new facility.

They will be adding additional products and right now are pouring four new draft beers and two cask ales.

First cask ale I've had at a brewery. It bodes well for the future.

Closed For Business on King Street has one cask setup and, I believe, there are two cask stations on Vanderhorst at Kudu. The problem has been getting the beverage from a brewery.

Up till now, brewers had to juggle things around to make a small, delicate batch of this ale.

Time and circumstances dictated when this might happen.

Apparently, bars were never sure when a keg would become available.

Now we have a local brewer who is committed to brewing it often to supply its own taps daily and, of course, to pour at its nearby namesake restaurant.

A few weeks ago, as this area began to hunker down for the approaching hurricane Irma, there was a long-awaited opening of local craft brewery number 20.

Well, Pawleys Island Brewing in North Charleston had not factored in a hurricane but the opening went well.

Head Brewer Daren McLean gave a guided tour and explained the steps involved in making their beers.

A Friday-after-work group from nearby Bosch arrived and quickly designated this would become a weekly local stop.

Founder Fraser Blake, was behind the bar, talking about their goals for the brand new entity.

All around him, snazzy new blue t-shirts were being sold that displayed the turtle logo elements.

Several other new breweries are planned around the Charleston area and a few are close to opening, notably Munkle on upper King and Commonhouse Aleworks on O'Hear  in the Park Circle area.

Living in Hanahan, the East Montague 3-block beer, wine, and eats places are close at hand so any and all new openings have my attention.

As usual, I will stop in, sample what they have to offer and try to spread the word with my blog.

It's a pleasant task...which just happens to rhyme with Cask!

* I had a vast array of casks while in Europe and the UK. 

Here I am in Edinburgh after the barkeep offered to let me "pull my own."

I had asked if I could take a photo of him pulling my choice and he said "NO."

I was taken aback until he added: "It will be me taking a picture of you doing that!

And he did. 

It tasted delicious.

I can add barkeep to my resume.

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