Friday, October 13, 2017

Welcome to the 21st Century...

 Coming up on 10 years as the 21st Century Photography Group, I'm taking a look back over my shoulder.

Pleased to see we are still an active bunch of friendly and talented photographers and wannabes.

It has been a decade of change as we saw the rivalry between Nikon and Canon have to adjust to the number of people using cell phones to take pictures.

Now there's a 10-year old battle between the iPhone fans and the androids.

When I was growing up I used to drop off a roll of film at Walgreens - 12 or 24 exposures - and, a week later, got them back. Some were ok.

While in high school, I built a home darkroom so I cut the time-lag between shooting and seeing.

Digital means now you "click" and look at the back of the camera to see what you have.

Then adjust and shoot it again.

To give hands-on experience, we invite members to go on outings.

This is in addition to the regular second Wednesday meetings at the Carolina Ice Palace.

There we have a private space where we can dim the lights for Show and Tell, use our projector, pass around a microphone so all can hear and see what others are doing with the cameras.

When we go out in the field, the challenge is to pick places that are great for landscape photographers, architectural fans or nature lovers. Sometimes we go to historic places, we have had models join us on some shoots, street photography is a natural during 2nd Sunday on King Street.

For example, we have done themed outings-with-cameras to learn how to use dark filters in bright sunshine that lets us shoot at slower speeds and see how it affects rivers, or fountains or waterfalls.

Moving water slowed way down, becoming filmy or cloudy or leaving tracks on the beach as the waves roll in and recede out.

Co-Coordinator Rudy Lutge is very informative and knowledgeable so he often lectures and demonstrates how it's done.

In fact, Rudy was the presenter last week. Some members commented:

  • Diana O'Donnell
    Diana O'Donnell
    Really enjoyed last night's get together. Already learned a lot. Looking forward to the next time!
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  • Tonya
    I had a great time and learned so much!!! Thank you Rudy for teaching me about the filters and the triangle!!! See everyone again soon!
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  • Chuck
    Lots of new faces and long-timers. Spirited conversations about Macro and ND from Rudy who knows his stuff!
    2 · Like · Reply · 12h ago · Mute
  • Dc
    Good Meetup, Rudy did an excellent job!
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  • Susan Turner
    Susan Turner
    Awesome meeting. Rudy gave a wonderful talk. I am so glad I found out about meetup and found this group.
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