Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tis the season for eatin'.......

 Ever since I saw the classic movie A Christmas Story, I think of the Asian dinner the family had on Christmas Eve.

No goose with a long neck though!

I think it is (possibly) a FACT that these restaurants always stay open at Yule time.

All the other eateries are closed and the staff is at home with family.

The Green Garden opened around the corner from my house last year and - so far - it has been open on Christmas. Got the Lemon chicken and veggies to go.

Enough left over for a second meal.

My brother and his wife invited me to have Christmas dinner at his house.

We ate together on Turkey Day and I had brought along a pie and ice cream.

Guess I started a "tradition" -  invite the bachelor bro and he'll bring a pie.

This time I bought a frozen one, read the label carefully and baked it for 55-minutes and it was perfect!

The crumbled topping and the crust were crispy.

I thought he even had provided vanilla ice cream but it was frozen yogurt. Hmm, I'll have to remember that.

The day before I had stopped for a late breakfast at a diner on Daniel Island after seeing my skin doctor.

She told me the earlier blemish that she had frozen off my cheek was completely gone.

She reminded me to apply sunblock there - and on my lips - four times a day to be safe.

The dentist tells me to floss after every meal. I listen to both doctors.

Well, I DO listen.

Please note, I paid extra for the breakfast to add sausage to the bacon that came with it.

And, instead of standard hashbrowns, this came with diced potatoes...including some sweet potatoes. How could I refuse?

In addition to now actually cooking a meal (well, one frozen apple pie), I have started making Avocado Toast.

More than once!

This whole idea of living alone and making a grocery list every week (well, sometimes two weeks go by), is still fairly new.

The internet is a great source of quick directions. I have had some frozen salmon filets and just figured out they can be zapped in the microwave fairly easily.

Meanwhile, Wallis, the orange cat has shown my investment in an amusing cat toy is paying off.

She ignored it for more than a week, then she would join me in playing with it until I got bored and walked away.

Now, she not only spins the three brightly-colored ping pong balls, using her paw to push them, she will nudge the device around the room until it is sitting where she wants it.

She also has added a new feature for it to entertain her...
She manages to wrest one of the balls from its loop and it slowly rolls across the carpet.
So far, just the pink one, on the bottom.

(Clik on the links and photos for more details)

Eating and playing with the cat.

Retirement is a full-time effort.

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