Monday, November 04, 2013

Landing Planes and Signing "Fiction" Books...

Hey. Whoa here. Time out!

Airplanes should take off - and land - on long, long runways.

Not on the tarmac.

Nor by the terminal and not this close to another plane.


After I took this picture I noticed the nose wheel "in the air" as it looks when landing and about to touch down.

My first optical illusion. Whew. Take a closer look.

I have done my share of manipulating photos in the past, but this plane image is right out of the camera.

 A few weeks ago, technically, I violated a "No Pictures Please" sign at a book signing.

David Sedaris was in town to do a reading at the Charleston Music Hall.
As he usually does, he was signing copies of his books before and after the show.

This was my third time seeing him in person. I have bought several of his works and usually laugh out loud at certain passages. Well, most of them.

Because I had my camera - and none of his books with me - I stepped behind the line of people and snapped this shot.

A security guard leaned into my face and said "No pictures. Do that inside and we'll take your camera."

Wow. Very confrontational.

I assumed the ban on photos was to keep the line moving and give more people their moment of David's time.

Inside the theater, the same security guard took his seat at the front facing the audience and - I think - stared at me the entire show.

The reading was enjoyable, a bit smutty (yea!) and I felt free to at least laugh out loud.
I did not take any pictures of David standing on the podium at the lectern (or is it rostrum?).

[Click on the photos for more detail.]

You're allowed to do that.

Laugh and click.

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