Saturday, June 08, 2013

First time to TD Arena...and the new Gaillard.

So, look's like I'm all set for 2014 (or is it December of 2015?)

The new Gaillard will have less seats but better acoustics.

Fewer people will hear things better in the new place.

In the old one, I have chosen to be seated in the balcony, but also plopped down in the first row for the k.d.lang show last year.

Closer is better.

The Cistern Area for Spoleto events is another place where I usually buy a seat in the first row.

Yesterday, the weatherman convinced Spoleto to move the J.D. McPherson Show from there.

Some fears of electric guitars being played  outdoors in a thunderstorm.

As I thought would happen,  all the stage setup was moved to the TD Arena. Naturally the sun shone brightly.

J.D.said they were pleased with the change and reminded us they play there again tonight (Saturday).

It was my first visit to the C of C basketball court but it felt just like a Cistern Show...with the bonus of  air conditioning. Yeah!

It was an evening of great music with a passionate delivery.

The former school teacher from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, has a Punk resume. Mr. McPheron has found his Retro Sound musical calling.

He and the band mixed together elements of Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry,  Led Zepplin and, yes, some punk roots from "The Pixies."

It was a rollicking time and, just past the halfway point, the gyrating dancers swiftly moved in front of the stage and the party was going on.

Chicago record producer - and superb bassist - Jimmy Sutton laid down a steady bass line to bring back the 1950s sound. Sax man Douglas Corcoran also came across the stage to play organ.

When the music is THAT strong, what heartless  (or brave?)  volunteer usher is going to stand in the way of all those dancing Happy Feet?

The crowd was a mixture of young and old, hipsters and their granddads, locals and visitors.

I talked with city natives as well as Spoleto fans who came from out-of-state.

One couple had come year after year, took a four year break and now drive in again for the arts festival.

They explained to a couple from New York the differences between Spoleto and Piccolo.

I could not have done better and I grew up here.

Spoleto began 36 years ago and Piccolo just turned 25 this year.

If you plan to go there tonight, the officials have honored those who bought reserved seats.

You can choose any seat on the basketball court floor itself - first come, first served -  and the others are in seats rising behind you and on two sides.

I have no idea where the dancers had been sitting but they slowly appeared, dancing off to the sides, until they surged to the middle.

Hard to resist the energetic thumping beat that was being laid down.

Little details caught my eye.

Raynier Jacildo played a "real" piano - an upright - and NOT the usual electronic keyboard. The organ also was a heavy monster that had been lugged onstage with wheels strapped to it.

Sorry keys can't compete.

The beautiful arena lobby was well maintained. The floors shiny bright and all the windows sparkling clean.
You go past the Cougar statue just before you enter into the lobby. 

It reminded me of the black Panther statue up in Charlotte, outside the football stadium, but the internet link explains the differences between the two cats.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

I hope you go see J.D. McPherson tonight.

Get up and dance if you can.

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At Mon Jun 10, 06:34:00 PM , Blogger Paul said...

Hmmmm. Something looks a bit off about that first picture. ;)

At Mon Jun 10, 06:57:00 PM , Blogger chuckography said...

Now Paul, you know the camera doesn't lie. All of us will be there December 2015.


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