Friday, May 31, 2013

Beer kegs and Circus -Theatre Acrobats...

Still have not seen "it all," but I did add "Keg Drumming" to the list.

At the end of their first set, the Dirty Bourbon River Show, direct from New Orleans,  introduced the Pour House crowd to a new way to "tap a keg."

Charlie Skinner, MC, singer and trombone man, brought out the empty and leader Noah Adams attacked it with the sticks.

As you see in the video, they also have used a metal folding chair for percussion by "Bootsy" Schindler.

One tall fellow in the front row apparently wanted to make a feature-length video of the show.

Sort of took some of the attention away from Noah Adams when he stepped up onto a monitor for a trumpet solo.

Despite the videographer-with-an-iPhone, it's a good view of the entire band.

The tuba player on the left, Jimmy Williams, also played bass. The sound system made sure that both instruments made the room vibrate.

The day before, I had a burger with tater tots at Charleston Beer Works on upper King Street.

I don't recall what the burger was but, since I don't eat Tots often. I dug in.

This was my first trip downtown since Spoleto started and traffic and parking was not a problem.

Well, it was a Wednesday.

Next stop was at Memminger Auditorium for a performance by Le Grand C acrobatic team.

The 17-member troupe surged and merged around the stage with the audience on three sides.

Concentration is crucial for this risky and daring mixture of strength, balance, circus and theatre so no cameras were allowed.

A flash could have serious consequences.

As they bowed at the end - and we stood applauding - I reasoned that a picture NOW would not cause a problem.

Then I headed to the Pour House for my first of 3-in-a-row.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Trying a new rule...have one really nice beer and then sip from a glass of water with a slice of lemon.

The lemon is for show.

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