Thursday, June 06, 2013

2013 Spoleto potpourri....

Back to the golden days of radio.

Voices and Foley sound effects.

A piano and small organ provides ALL the music. A pin-pricked balloon gives a "pop" when needed.

The earth is doomed. In fact, the whole galaxy will disappear.

Good Grief!

Sitting in the sold out Sottile Theater  along with 600 captivated friends, we watched the live-action graphic novel develop with cartoons on the screen, clever sound effects and talented voices.

David Higgins is the voice of Timmy, Danu Uribe is the Pulitzer Prize winning authoress and Christopher Lee Gibson speaks as everybody else. Cami Alys is the Foley artists responsible for the correct sounds at the appropriate time.

Jason Neulander of Austin, Texas, is the writer/Director who created The Intergalactic Nemesis.

He welcomed the audience and expressed his happiness at being in Charleston and part of the famed Spoleto Festival USA.

General Director Nigel Redden had called him with an invitation which he gladly accepted.

During the intermission of Part 1 last night, Nigel could be seen mingling, chatting with fans and friends as the crowd returned to their seats.

The fate of earth still hung in the balance at this point.

A few days ago, a Spoleto-Piccolo music event brought me to Hall's Chophouse on King Street for an afternoon of Jazz.

Lead singer Lyndsey Goodman Moynihan  was joined by Jamie Harris on bass and "Uncle Joe" Wilson on guitar.

The banter between songs was humorous and showed the depth of their friendship.

And their love of music.

Leaving Hall's, I walked through Marion Square and saw a small crowd gathered to enjoy an impromptu bluegrass performance.

Spoleto does indeed bring together friends of the arts.

Did not interrupt the players to get their names but paused for a moment or two to listen and take a few pictures.

Hope they'll get in touch so I can credit them.

I'm scheduled tomorrow evening for a concert on the Cistern Yard area at the College of Charleston.

Andrea, first tropical storm of the 6-month storm season that just started, is also due to skim our coastline tomorrow.

My guess is the venue - to avoid a rain out - will switch to the TD Arena  This would be good as I have not been inside there yet.

Oh, TD stands for Toronto Dominion Bank, the new name after a local financial group was bought that had its name on the 5.100 seat venue. It opened in 2008 as home of the Cougars.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

The fire truck was heading elsewhere.

The TD Arena is fine!

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