Saturday, January 29, 2011

Daniel Island Irish is Back...

It started out as an authentic Irish bar.

Owned and built by Guinness and shipped over here 3-4 years ago.

But it just didn't catch on. Begorrah. (That's Irish for Yikes).

The place reopened as Two Rivers, though scaled back quite a bit on Olde Sod authenticy.

Well, I pegged it as just slightly "Irish-ish"

January 1, three new owners took it over to create Dublin Down. In just 19 days they improved on the original concept by adding cozy private little booths called "snugs" with a table and low stools and other touches - like 12 church pews - that set a nice mood.

As far as I know, it's the only Irish bar around here offering traditional Boxties.

Part pancake, part hash brown, this Irish staple COULD be had for breakfast but works well at teatime or supper as a side with a meat dish.

New owner Brian Mahoney said "You have to make a boxty right and we do."

The beers on tap are right on the mark too. They'll layer the draughts to form a Black & Tan or a Half and Half or try a Black Bee. Slainte!

(Years ago while touring some Irish bars in New York, I saw a sign outside one that said "Soup of the Day" and a picture of a pint of Guinness. That would work here too. Click on images for detail and enjoy responsibly.)

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