Monday, January 24, 2011

The "Birthday Suit" sketch...

So it's the 8th annual Charleston Comedy Fest.

An extra day was added this year to the popular annual treat.

Onstage at Theatre 99. it's the New york city Village Voice 2010 winners.

The sketch team is called "MURDERFIST".

They are killing the packed audience.

This is troupe member Henry Zebrowski as a smirking GIANT Genie (out of a very large bottle).

The 10-person mayhem group of long-sketch performers has split the sides of everyone there with their brand of controlled chaos.

It can't possibly get much better...right?

Wanna bet?
Just a few scenes later, Henry is back "UN-dressed" as a Chris Farley-size man who has just been beaten, robbed and forced to strip. NYC humor.

Trust me, the crowd was loving it!

The thief shows up with Henry's briefcase and shreds the last of his dignity.

It's possible no one noticed his left foot is missing a black sock. But he DOES have big hands.

Earlier TAROT LOUNGE from Las Vegas, had improv-ed like crazy with sketches based on a card reading of an actual live audience member.

Well, she was a real person and it was a real Tarot card from a real deck.

Misplaced body parts were featured in their bits as host Matt Donnelly (center) acted as Ringmaster.

The finale brought back many of the acts who had performed all around town during the Festival. The ad libs and improvizations were off the chart.

The show ended well after midnight but I didn't get to go to Mellow Mushroom for the L'After Party.

I had nothing to wear.

(Thank for stopping by. Be careful when you click on images. Everything WILL get bigger.)

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