Monday, April 07, 2008

Southwest Corner item...

Another reason it was fun to be a staff photographer in the 1960s at San Diego's daily newspaper was the opportunity to write and appear in print.

I was finishing up at the University of San Diego, was married, had two kids and working full time as a photographer but was trying out my English major and started submitting short stories to the San Diego Union that appeared opposite the editorials page, in the lower left hand corner.

It was called the SW corner.

The other way to get your name in the paper was through Neil Morgan, a popular Evening Tribune columnist. He enjoyed hearing about offbeat events and happenings and I popped up in his column fairly often.

My wife and I went through a downtown agency to find us a Nanny and, since most came from small towns in Mexico, we worked very, very hard at improving our Spanish. In a few weeks, we were called to come pick up our new helper.

Moira Campbell was fresh from Scotland and spoke more precise English that either of us did. Neil loved it.

(Click on the SW corner story to make it larger).

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