Monday, February 25, 2008

She's Armed ..... and Legged!

Amy, my older daughter out in California, is a sworn police officer.

She has been serving and protecting the San Francisco Bay area for 8 years and wears a badge and has a Glock in her holster.

But long, long ago, before the Police Academy , she began as a stand-up comic, armed only with a microphone.

Today, somehow, she manages to keep both careers going.

In addition to finely-tuned and clever funny routines that have her crowds in stitches, she has developed quite a few characters over the years. Some REALLY strange ones.

Her energetic later years "Elvis" performance redefines impersonator.

And Helga, the Eastern Europe/Russian ballet dancer who pushes a motorcycle on stage, is quite engaging and has a different accented humor.

But I am still laughing at San Diego club owners who hired her in 1983 when she was only 17 and already drawing a crowd.

They did not have a clue of the irony when they booked her ...and billed her... as Boyd Where Prohibited.

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