Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Record-setting photo...

Because I am interested in ALL things having to do with photography, I enjoy looking at www.photojojo.com to see what craziness it comes up with each day.

Here is my take on its suggested "Vinyl Head."

Obviously this is aimed at an older audience - Baby Boomers perhaps - people who remember vinyl record albums. That was even BEFORE 8-tracks.

To do this you have to have some old dusty albums sitting around and then choose one that has a large face to make the photo work. Try a few and see the unusual results.

PhotoJoJo also reports on a photo fad that started in the UK and now has spread everywhere - combining faces with currency.

This DOES require some skill with PhotoShop or similar software but the results are startling.

Brad Pitt meets U.S. Grant is a good example of a pairing.

Many samples are posted on the website.

Hmmmm. I have old albums but I don't seem to have a $50 bill.

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At Wed Feb 20, 09:09:00 PM , Anonymous Japee said...

Those are great! I always look forward to the new Photojojo tip.


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