Saturday, January 19, 2008

Paparazzi ...polite Charleston style (Click for link)

Wow. Technology just keeps changing!

There's something called which has in a short time attracted 26,967 "members" in 286 groups in 200 cities.

So, I joined and decided to create a gathering of Charleston-area people interested in meeting up to talk about "21st Century (digital and film) Photography." We'll share experiences, ideas and techniques.

Meetup is very organized and sent out a message to 65 local "photographers" and "PhotoShoppers" who had expressed interest. Their note stated we would meet the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7pm and the first meet was set for February 13th.

Because I started this here - and pay a monthly fee - I am the official organizer and all the responses to the invite come to me. I had 18 e-mails waiting for me this morning!

Once I see how many send a RSVP and I can figure the area where the majority live, I'll make some calls and set up a meeting place.

Food is always a good idea at that time of day and I would prefer NOT to gather in a place that allows smoking.

Let's see how this works out.

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At Sun Jan 20, 11:19:00 AM , Anonymous Japee said...

Wow! I still have such a chaotic job and hesitate to commit to any regular meetings of any type but I am delighted you had such a positive response and hope to stay posted.

At Tue Jan 22, 10:08:00 PM , Blogger chucker said...

The response has been great! Now I am polling to see where each projected attendee lives so I can select a central & convenient location for the first meeting.

Looks like Summerville, Hanahan and North Charleston are the leaders, followed by West Ashley and Mt. Pleasant.

Only one downtowner so far.

At Sat Jan 26, 07:20:00 PM , Blogger chucker said...

Well, I heard from the people interested in photography - and where they live - so a central, convenient location has been picked.

Wednesday Feb 13 at 7:00pm at Madra Rua Irish Pub & Grill at 1032 East Montague Avenue in North Charleston.

It's near Park Circle off 526 at North Rhett.Google the map and plan to come!

At Fri Feb 01, 01:39:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meetup is a great organization! I started a group when I firsted moved to the Houston area. It was wonderful way to make new friends and discover the local area. Your group sounds like a great addition.

At Fri Feb 01, 04:12:00 PM , Anonymous Heather said...

Send me an e-mail when it's a little closer to the date and I'll note it on LCB.

At Wed Oct 14, 06:51:00 PM , Blogger Davis said...

I've been trying to find your email address to thank you for your posts but had no luck... Hope you get this.



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